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Kiss Pants: Small - Waterproof (RTS***)

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Keep it simple, silly! Our KISSes are narrow through the crotch for a trim fit, yet provide plenty of coverage where it's needed. These pants are Ready To Ship in various colors and sizes.  Darker colors feature black fold-over elastic.
  • Sewn sides offer simple pull on and off ease.
  • Hemp/cotton jersey inside is soft, durable and absorbent.
  • Microfiber terry internal soaker is absorbent and fast drying.
  • Provide more absorbency than underwear with no waterproof layer.

For a great fit, measure your child's waist and rise
(from back at waist through the legs to about an inch below belly button).
Waist 11" - 17" 14" - 20" 15" - 21" 17" - 23"
Rise up to 15" up to 16" up to 17" up to 19"
8-18 lbs 15-27 lbs 23-35 lbs 30-45 lbs

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