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Thin Contoured Nursing Pads - SuperDry

Thin Contoured Nursing Pads - SuperDry

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Michelle had always loved the idea of reusable cloth nursing pads, but all the ones she tried either leaked, were too thick (and took forever to dry), or made funny lines under clothes. Yuck! After 3 babies, and still not finding the perfect pad, she decided to invent her own. We get rave reviews about these, so we think you'll love them, too!

These are about 1/8" thick (even thinner than most disposable pads), making them virtually invisible under clothing. The special shape of these pads helps keep them from shifting around, as well as preventing the "flying saucer" look.

  • Super-Dry A special non-fleece fabric from Malden Mills pulls wetness away from the skin and spreads it into super-absorbent, hemp/cotton fleece in the middle. An outer layer of breathable waterproof PUL fabric keeps clothing dry while allowing air circulation.