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T-Shirt Gown

T-Shirt Gown

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If you love baby gowns, you will love these shirts. If you don't like baby gowns, you will love these shirts! Made of 100% cotton, these are our favorite around-the-house outfit for our babies.
  • Super-quick access. These shirts are the perfect outfit for babies and parents using EC. No elastic or other fasteners at the bottom make it super quick to pull up for pottying or quick diaper changes.
  • Extra long. I've always liked baby gowns for my newborns, but my kids always outgrew them within a month. Not these t-shirts! Our TODDLERS still wear these, reaching to their calves. The length is 22" from the base of the neck at the back.
  • Regular t-shirt collar. I love the collar on these shirts! Instead of the usual lapped-shoulder collar, these shirts have a super-stretchy ribbed collar, just like a grown-up t-shirt. It goes easily over your baby's head, and then fits comfortably at the neck without shifting or bagging.
  • Car seat and baby carrier compatible. Nothing is more frustrating than having to change the baby before you can go somewhere. Because these shirts are so long and don't have elastic at the bottom, your baby can even wear them in the car seat, sling, or other baby carrier! Just scooch the fabric up far enough to buckle the straps or put baby in the carrier - no elastic to dig into little legs!
  • Economical. These shirts are less expensive than most gowns and will fit practically forever, making them a real bargain!
  • Comfy year round. 100% cotton, they're not too hot in summer and great in winter too!