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Size 1 Tiny Undies

Size 1 Tiny Undies

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Organic One tiny underwear are amazing! Soft, soft, SOFT Egyptian organic cotton, covered elastic at the waist and legs, in size ONE! They'll fit infants (as young as 4-6 months, but really will start to fit great at 8-10 months, when babies do NOT want to lie down for anything) on up through smaller toddlers. They fit wonderfully on my average sized 29 month old, better than any other underwear we've tried. The cut is a UNISEX brief with moderate leg openings and a low rise.

The leg elastic is key to the fit because it keeps the leg holes nice and snug but not at all tight. On little babies, the leg elastic simply makes them fit. On bigger babies, the leg elastic keeps the leg openings from sagging, bunching, or riding up.

Waist measures 14" (34 cm) unstretched, easily stretches to 20" (50 cm)! Leg openings are 10" (25 cm), and the low rise is 12" (30 cm).

Made in Egypt exclusively for The EC Store by Under the Nile.

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