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About Us

The EC Store caters to the needs of families practicing Elimination Communication, the gentle art of responding to a baby's elimination needs. Whether you use diapers full-time, part-time, occasionally, or never, you'll find great products here to help you enjoy this wonderful aspect of parenting.

Families who do not use EC also love our products for toilet learning toddlers. We strive to fill a need that we ourselves have felt. Now EC families have a place to shop for the items we just can't find anywhere else. THE EC STORE! 

Quick Family 2012 @ Lake SuperiorI'm emiLy Quick and I've been owner of The EC Store since 2005. My husband Ryan, and our two awesome kids Delia (born October 2003) and Henry (born May 2007) live and work on a hobby farm in northeastern Minnesota.

I started practicing EC in December 2003, and thoroughly enjoyed helping both my daughter and son gradually learn how to use a toilet and avoid becoming diaper-trained. Through EC, I learned what parents all over the world already know: babies are BORN potty trained.



Coffelt FamilyJoy Coffelt is the amazing, level-headed, wise, hard-working, extremely talented seamstress behind all of The EC Store's custom-sewn products. She and her husband have seven wonderful kids: Joanna, Hannah, Becky, Tim, Mary, Caleb, and Chloe.