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SIMPLYpullons are a trim, functional cover for use with tri-folded prefolds and inserts. Because most diaper covers are designed to accommodate fitted diapers, there is too much room in the cover when laying in a tri-folded prefold and way too much bulk over the hips. These covers have SEWN side seams, so are a pull-on style. Hold the stuffing in the front and back as you pull on the cover.

SIMPLYpullons are very trim and go high over the hips for great freedom of movement. They are constructed of one layer of polyester knit PUL for ultimate trimness and practicality - this cover can be used and re-used until it is soiled!

Because a SIMPLYpullon isn't bulky, you control the overall look with whatever you use for the absorbent layer inside. Our SIMPLYinserts are designed specifically for our covers and give you the option of a feel-dry or feel-wet next to skin layer. Use a prefold for convenience and flexibility (we like infant size best for kids of all ages), or any hemp pocket diaper insert!

The most accurate way for a great fit is to measure your child's waist (below the belly) and rise (from back at waist through the legs to front under belly). The weights are approximate - go by measurements for the best fit.

Waist 10" - 17" 13" - 20" 15" - 24"
Rise up to 15" up to 16.5" up to 18"
Weight 7-16 lbs 13-25 lbs 23-32 lbs

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