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Pop! Cover

Pop! Cover

  • 750

This pull-on style trainer cover will convert your non-waterproof trainers to waterproof trainers! Sewn exactly like our KISSes in a single layer of waterproof PUL polyester knit, these aren't puffy or leaky!

They fit perfectly over our EC Pants, and are also a great alternative to other pull-on "plastic pants." Let me know your favorite use for them!

We recommend washing and drying this and all our covers on HOT before use. This closes holes made when sewing and will improve the performance.

Each pair is expertly sewn by Joy, a mom of seven wonderful children. Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders to ship. You will receive an order update email when Joy ships your order directly to you.

Waist 11" - 16" 16" - 19" 17" - 21" 19" - 22"
Rise up to 15" up to 16" up to 17" up to 19"
8-18 lbs 15-27 lbs 23-35 lbs 30-45 lbs

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