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Fuzzies EC Pants

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Fuzzies are a high quality fleece outer training pant. The outer layer is dense, lightweight Malden Mills fleece. This fleece is exceptionally soft, pill-resistant, and trim. Hemp/cotton knit is next to skin, with microfiber terry sandwiched between for great absorbency. The microfiber terry and the dense fleece together eliminates the need for any nylon layer, making these very breathable and comfortable year-round. These trainers feature a low rise and trim fit with full coverage in back.

Fuzzies are a great compromise between nonwaterproof and waterproof trainers. The fleece provides a good amount of wetness barrier to prevent wicking to outer clothing, but remains more breathable than our waterproof trainers. The barrier properties of fleece can be compromised when compressed (as in strapped snugly into a carseat) or when washed with detergents that coat fleece. I recommend Allen's Naturally laundry products for all fleece that is expected to perform as a stay-dry next to skin layer or as a wetness barrier.

For best fit, please measure your baby without clothes on. Measure the waist under the belly, and measure the rise from front to back at the waist measurement line. Fuzzies fit about one size SMALLER than our other EC Pants, so I recommend ordering the larger size if your baby is within two size ranges.

Waist 14" - 18" 15" - 22" 17" - 24"
Rise up to 15" up to 16.5" up to 18.5"

Sizes M and L have two layers of microfiber terry. Size XL has three layers of microfiber terry.

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