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How Can Baby Wearing Make Baby Pottying or Elimination Communication Easier?

Posted by Charndra P on

3 Ways Carrying and Wearing Your Baby Helps You to Reduce Your Diaper or Nappy Use…

Wearing your baby helps to turn on your ‘baby radar’, making you more aware of the subtle body language of your precious baby.

You can use this awareness to gradually reduce your use of diapers or nappies when practicing a little baby pottying.

When your baby is held close, cuddled to your body in a baby carrier they are relaxed, they signal strongly and they can naturally hold on easier when upright. Though EC is about helping your baby to have elimination ‘comfort’ by releasing their pee and poos consciously, not ‘holding on’ like with conventional toilet training. Being upright in a sling helps them become more aware of and in tune with the rhythms of their body, just as it helps you as their mother or father.

Consider These 3 Insights into Why Baby Wearing Makes Practicing EC Easier:

1. As we are a ‘carrying’ species babies easily relax when held. As they are close to you, it is easy to notice their subtle body language changes that may indicate it’s time to pop them out for a wee opportunity.

2. As baby is close and calm, you can go about your activities with more ease. When their demeanor changes suddenly, they start squirming or staining at the fabric, perhaps pulling their legs up or squeezing them together, your ‘baby radar’ can turn on naturally with their closeness, and you can pop them out for a potty break.

3. Physiologically, babies can hold on much more easily when upright in a sling- it’s just how our bodies work. Ever jumped up and down while waiting in a queue for the toilet? Same thing. Thus, the signs your baby needs to go will be stronger, as they don’t simply wee without warning like they often do when they are lying down flat on their back or belly.

Baby wearing. A traditional baby care technique. A great Baby Pottying ‘tool’ as well!

Practiced world wide as a way to keep baby close, happy and warm while you do your needed tasks while meeting the cuddle needs of your baby.

Now you know why mothers in counties traditionally practicing elimination communication can wear their baby without getting wet…

Wearing your baby in a sling, pouch, wrap or soft carrier will help you to discover your EC confidence as it turns on your baby radar. Give this idea a go. I do it now with my second baby son, just as I did with my first. Have your baby in a diaper or nappy and practice when at home. You might just use one less diaper or nappy each day! That’s good for the environment too.

Happy Pottying,


P.S I like a Ring Sling around the house and at the shops, a wrap for when he is on my back (I still have plenty of time to get him down for a wee when he needs one) and I use soft carriers as well when out or at home, like the Ergo and also the Mai tei, though the straps can be a bit fiddly to find the right strap to pull to release it!


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