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Traveling Elimination Communication w/ a Three Month Old Boy

Posted by Keila R on

We got a bassinet thing before our first was born. It saw some use with our first two, but it is getting way more use now. This time I set it next to the fish tank that always has a pump running for excellent white noise. Additionally, I lined the bottom of the thing with a foam rubber pad, then a knit wool blanket and then a wool pile pmat. It works great! I cover baby with a soft blanket and drape a blanket over the top canopy to help shield him from the light and noise. It works really well! I just did not think to do all of those things with my other two. Of course, having three does require even more creativity to get things done. But, how is it that I still NAK even with the baby sleeping in that thing . . . Ah, well, more time for OHT!

So our Thanksgiving trip was pretty awesome. EC was easy and routine. I have been ECing so long that I really don't understand the diapering process. I remember it well from the time that I did it for 3.5 months with our first, but I really just remember how *hard* it was. Our biggest, most horrendous mess ever was during that diapering stage.It was a blowout of gigantic proportions that went everywhere. Fortunately, for me, my dear daughter blessed that one on my husband while I was out of the house. Sadly, she did it while he was wearing her in the Baby Bjorn, and I think it forever ruined any interest that he may have had in babywearing. We did use the Baby Bjorn for a couple of months with our first daughter, but I quickly realized that there are much better ways to wear your baby. We now enjoy a variety of carriers that are infinitely more comfortable, practical and developmentally sound. I am currently on a search for the babywearing jacket/coat/poncho that will help me enjoy going to the park in this cold weather. I quickly realized that 50 degrees is pretty darn cold when your wet nipple feels it! Ah, the joys of mothering . . .

So, I took lots of cloth on our trip. We left Wednesday night, returned Sunday evening - a four day trip. I do find that having our bed pads with us is really nice. This time around, I am using a wool blanket that covers the middle portion of the bed with a wool pile mat that the baby sleeps on. It offers double protection in case one gets dirty, and the little wool pile mat makes it easy to move baby around on the bed. Both mop up very well and quickly from overshooting the potty (mainly an issue for boys - I never had either girl do it, but I imagine someone has). We have also had small spills from kicking or knocking the potty. I rarely have to deal with overspray or spills, and that is good because I don't like them. I had a couple of wool wet bags that collected all of our wet and dirty stuff, a pmat (non-absorbent, waterproof cloth to place wet/dirty things on (I can't get stuff in a bag at night) I am a minimally functioning night person with a mission to sleep) to throw our misses on at night, and a couple of potties with potty covers. We do also keep a large wool pmat with us so that we can keep the little potties on it. I find this especially critical when having little potties on carpet, like in the hotel room, our old, carpeted house, and my car! Wool is a wonder material!! Ross was dressed in wool, split crotch pants and wool SimplyCover (from The EC Store). He has been living in the splits with cover for over a month now. With Helen, I was transitioning to pull up/down around this time. I have toyed with those a bit with Ross, but his bits seem vulnerable when I try that. For him, I prefer the ease of the cover. I am often changing my routine, so who knows when this will change. But with the cooler weather our current setup is amazing - even works incredibly well for out and about. Taking an extra insert when I walk in someplace is the trimmest form of backup out there. I often just stuff the extra insert in my pocket, and then I tend to use it for drool cleanup LOL.

Well, that is our update from the Heartland, USA!


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