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Nighttime Elimination Communication: Who, me?

Posted by Emily Quick on

OK, so maybe not on the whole nighttime EC thing. I just simply do not wake up.

To deal with nighttime misses, we sleep on wool. Sometimes we’re directly on our Snugglewool mattress pad. Sometimes there’s a fitted sheet on top of that, and I put a smaller wool blanket or piece of felted wool fabric under Henry and me. He stays right up against me, so it doesn’t have to be big. If I’m not in bed with him, we don’t have misses. He sleeps either naked, or with waterproof EC Pants on, or in a prefold and SIMPLYcover. I’m considering getting some feel-dry diapers to use at night but I feel like that would just make me even more lazy, and I don’t want to move in that direction. It helps if Henry is dressed in wool, too. Damp cotton isn’t fun.

Up until about a month ago, Henry would grunt in the morning to warn me he was about to poo. He no longer grunts, he just waits. And wiggles and jabs me until I finally get up. I take him to the toilet with a seat reducer, and I have a little stool in front of it where I sit. He poops, and we start our day from there. It’s a good way to start each day. :)

Happy Pottying!


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